Residential Construction


Estrella Mountain Plumbing LLC is your source for your next new construction project with many custom homes under our belts we can handle your scheduling needs so the next project give Estrella Mountain Plumbing LLC a call for a quote  We have over 20 years in new home building and if your only wanting to remodel your restroom or kitchen we can help you with that as well  have question feel free to call Estrella Mountain Plumbing and will help you out 

Rough Plumbing

Plumbing done before concrete slab is poured all the waste and water that is under slab

Frame Plumbing

Plumbing that is in the wall for sinks through out home including gas before drywall is installed  

Trim Plumbing

Installing of all the plumbing fixtures in home for final inspection plumbing comes together then you really enjoy your bathroom